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クリアラム・ナインリーブス Nine Leaves – Japanese Rum


Cassis with tonic water

カシスを美味しく頂く How to enjoy Cassis liqueur

Ex-bartender Fukano-san told me that the Cassis liqueur is a good choice for those who do not drink much alcohol, particularly woman.

Otsumami for wine

Figs & Dry Fruits from Far East Bazar

素敵な瓶詰のドライブフルーツ&ナッツを頂きました。My friend KY brought me a great souvenir; dry fruits and nuts in a jar. 「世界にはみんなが知らない素晴らしいものがまだまだ沢山ある…」Truely, too many great places/things to discover in the world. Life is short.

Ultra cafe-bar Tokyo, KeiK

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